The area around Soajo with its thick forests and deeply cut valleys is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Thanks to the mild climate, the region offers ideal conditions for extended tours all year round. In addition to shady forest trails, the circular hikes also offer challenging mountain trails and impressive panoramic views. Numerous paths open up every corner of the 700 square kilometer, horseshoe-shaped nature reserve, which extends over several climate zones.


The confusing, mountainous landscape is a habitat for many wild animals such as wolves, wild cats or wild horses. In the valleys there is lush vegetation and forests, especially oak, Prunus and the globally protected tree species Albergaria and Cabril.


The following links provide an overview of the best hiking opportunities in Peneda-Gerês: 





One of the most beautiful circular routes is the Trilho Pertinho do Céu in the northwest of the national park. Translated, it means “way near heaven”:



If you like it less strenuous, you can try the Trilho de Preguiça - "the path of laziness":




A good hiking trail for groups or travelers with children is the "Trilho da Água do Sarilhão" path:




Hiking Imressions