Soajo- The ideal place to relax

A visit to Soajo is like a little journey through time. The village is in the north of Portugal - right at the gateway to Portugal's well-known Peneda-Gerês National Park. Due to the traditional architecture, the winding stone streets, the famous Espigueiros and the beautiful landscape, Soajo is an ideal place to really relax and let your mind wander. This is often written, in Soajo it comes true.


Soajo is an ideal starting point for nature activities such as hiking or fishing in the national park. But also smaller excursions such as the romantic small town "Arcos des Valdevez" or the monastery "Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Peneda" round off every stay in a relaxed way. Many visitors also stay in Soajo to go hiking, fishing or do water sports in the area.


Soajo has retained its unspent character in spite of stronger demand in recent years. You won't find big supermarkets, petrol stations or large shops here. Nevertheless, the place has everything you need to organize everyday life.


In addition to traditional cafes and restaurants, Soajo also has a small pharmacy, a shop for household goods, a butcher with idiosyncratic opening hours, a small children's playground, a motorhome park, an information center for tourists and of course a small church. Fortunately, there is also an ATM in the village, as many shops do not offer card payments.

Soajo is the 1000 ways and pathes

A special feature of Soajo is the unique variety of paths, alleys and streets. These lead the visitor through and around the village - to always new and inviting places. Simply click through the selection of images to get an impression.