Kids in Sojao

The advantage of Soajo is the low traffic and the wide nature. So kids can wander around without the permanent surveillance of their parents. In the summer the kids of the town usually gather somewhere in the town and welcome new kids to join them.  Most of the hiking tours are also suitable for children. 


There is a small playground at the main parking lot. Unfortunately there is now sun protection so most parents go there in the evening which is also a good opportunity for the parents to chat with each other.

Playground Soajo Portugal

There is also a small football field behind the Cafe Casa do Porto

Football field Soajo Portugal

Parents with smaller chilrden can also appreciate a safe way of swimming at the natural pool in the north of Soajo. You can easily park your car close to the pool and there are also tables for a picknick.

Swimming Pool Soajo

There are many horses in the region. So children that appreciate them can eather go the to local horse club or ask one of the locals if they can spend some time with their horses.

Horse activities Soajo Peneda Geres

There is also a small adventure parque close to porto called "Porta do Mezio". Children can go swimming, climbing or do other outdoor activities.