Restaurants and Cafes

Soajo has a number of restaurants and cafes covering the full range of traditional dishes and beverages. The main dish is meat  with the famous cachena beef. Most restaurants are on the main street "Av. 25 de Abril" and have smaller parking spaces.  It is important to always call them and make reservations especially on the weekends and do not forget to bring cash in case the card payment does not work. 


Saber ao borralho Soajo

Saber ao Borralho

Very cozy restaurant with authentic flair. You can get traditional regional cuisine there. The owners are very attentive and seek direct contact with your guests.


Address: Av. 25 de Abril 1158, Soajo 4970-656, Portugal

Telephone: 258 577 296


O Espigueiro do Soajo

Recommended especially when the weather is nice, as you can sit outside and are not exposed to the air conditioning. The meat dishes are very good. Good especially for groups.


Address: Av. 25 de Abril 1425,  Soajo 4970-656, Portugal

Telephone: 258 576 136


Casa de videra

Traditional interior and local cuisine with lots of meat. The restaurant also has a small terrace, which can accommodate 2-4 people.


Address: Av. 25 de Abril 1734,  Soajo 4970-656, Portugal

Telephone: 258 576 205

o jovem soajo

O Jovem

The restaurant is also a cafe and a "beer garden". Specialty are pizzas and lighter snacks. Despite the rather non-traditional menu, the visit is worthwhile, as the pizzas taste very good and are priced significantly cheaper than other restaurants in Soajo. Very popular with children.


Address: EM530 22,  Soajo 4970-656, Portugal

Telephone: 258 578 131


o jovem soajo

Taberna Montanh'Arriba

The restaurant offers small dishes and is known for the the famous "cachena burger". You can sit in the restaurant or also appreciate the outside part during a warm summer night


Address: Caminho da Eira do Rego nº 13, Lugar do, Largo do Eiró, 4970-660 Soajo

Telephone: 936903309


Cafes / Snack bars

o jovem soajo

Tasquinha da capela

The snack bar is a little hard to find although it is located only 50m from the main road. They always offer a daily dish and snacks. The bar is extremely nice to have a drink in one of the typical warm nights.  



Address: R. de Bairros, 4970-660, Portugal

Telephone: 258 578 235

o jovem soajo

Casa do Povo

The Casa do Povo is a cafe with a big outdoor area. You can close the gate to the street which makes the place very popular among parents with young children.  The cafe is right at the town hall. They have also frequently events at the location so I recommend to check out their facebook site when you are in Soajo.


Address: Av. 25 de Abril,  Soajo 4970-656, Portugal



cafe bakery soajo

Padaria Soajo

This small cafe is located near the church. In addition to coffee, you can also buy fresh baked goods or ice cream there. The cafe also offers useful items such as jam, milk or butter if they are missing for breakfast. Next to the cafe is a small terrace.

bakery seara soajo

Bakery Seara Nova

At the bottom of Av. 25 de Abril is a bakery that offers fresh baked goods every day. You can also have a cafe here. The cafe is not that chic, but it does offer a wider selection of baked goods and cakes.

As Marias - Supermarket and Take-Away

A small supermarket full of fresh, regional and some          home made goods. Daily delicious meals to take home,      made with love like by granny!  A nice place to also have your expresso or your breakfast! 


Address: Lugar da, 4970-659 Eira do Penedo, Portugal

Telephone: +351 969 324 733