The town itself is an attraction but there are also some extra places you should visit when you are in Soajo.  The "espigueiros" are a typical symbol of the region.  But  there also other things to see as the "lagunes" and much more


Espigueiros are traditional storage buildings made of natural stone in northern Portugal, which were formerly used to dry crops. In Soajo you can visit one of the largest formations in Portugal. The reason for the special construction is the climatic conditions in the region. Partly high amounts of precipitation and the high humidity in winter caused the supplies to spoil with poor ventilation. The Espigueiros are often mistaken for graves or other religious buildings.

Lagunes - Poço Negro & Poço do Vento

The "lagunes" are extremely cool parts of the local rivers that are suitable for swimming and diving.  The  "Poço Negro" is the local lagune that is a must to be seen. Childen under 12 should be accompanied by their parents because the lagune can only be reached over the natural rocks in the river. There is also another lagune a little bit further down the road. If you cross the bridge there is a small path to the right which leads you after a small walk to the "Poço do Vento".


Paróquia São Martinho de Soajo

The small church is in the center of the town and is not always open for visitors. The best time is on Sunday when the traditional ceremony is held.